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Have You Discovered the Most Cost-Effective Way to Sell Your Off The Plan & Knock Down Listings?


Now We Shoot Real Estate can deliver you perfect drone aerial photography in Melbourne.

From 150m up in the sky Real Estate Agents Can Leverage the Power of Aerial Photography in Melbourne to:

  • Stretch and maximize your marketing budget by saving thousands over traditional, unparalleled aircraft photography methods
  • Sign up new clients by showcasing your ability to get the big project listings
  • Pre-sell more apartments by demonstrating the spectacular window and balcony views before the balcony exist
  • Reveal the close proximity to hotspots like the beach, shopping, parks and freeways
  • Provide interior and exterior near-vertical bird’s eye shots to accentuate the size of the rooms
  • Get more people to the auctions and private sales of existing real estate by showcasing the uniqueness of your property with oblique shots
  • Demonstrate your construction size, site, and stage of build out for project managers and financiers

In fact, the more you think about growing your business as a successful real estate agent, the faster you will be ready to leverage the power of custom-tailored Aerial Photography you need to excite your customers, at a price that makes it affordable to say yes, this is the best option.

Discover why We Shoot Real Estate Aerial Photography in Melbourne has rendered expensive aircraft photography obsolete by combining the custom-tailored perfection of close up photography with our unparalleled ability to capture images from 150M in the air while cutting your costs.

Contact us today at 0400 82 55 98.

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